It can be hard to walk back into a doctor’s office and to trust another physician after your faith in your last doctor and your health has been shattered by your doctor’s failure to diagnose cancer. Yet, you know you must find out the extent of your disease and decide on treatment options. You know that you must continue to fight. In this article, you’ll find three things you can do to make the first appointment after your misdiagnosis more productive and information about how to contact an Atlanta cancer misdiagnosis attorney for help.

3 Tips for Your First Appointment After a Misdiagnosis
To make the most of your first appointment, you can:

  1. Bring someone with you. Having a relative, friend, or social worker with you whom you trust and who is not afraid to speak up and ask questions is important and can help make you feel more comfortable.
  2. Ask lots of questions and bring up your concerns. Tell your doctor how you are feeling both physically and emotionally. Do not be afraid to ask questions about your diagnosis and treatment and to insist on answers that explain your doctor’s conclusions. Similarly, ask about the pros and cons of different cancer treatment options and why your doctor is making certain recommendations to you.
  3. Ask for tests to be performed and/or to have the test results explained to you. Ask for confirmation of your diagnosis and ask to have the tests explained to you.

How to Contact an Atlanta Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney
In addition to seeing a new doctor to help you with your physical recovery, you may consult with an Atlanta cancer misdiagnosis lawyer to help you with your legal and financial recovery. You can reach an experienced Atlanta malpractice attorney today at 1.770.518.1133 to schedule a free consultation. Additionally, we’d be pleased to provide you with a FREE copy of our book: I Have Cancer Should it Have Been Caught Earlier? to learn more about cancer misdiagnoses and potential recoveries.