The feelings of shock, anger and fear are often very strong after you find out that a loved one has been the victim of a cancer misdiagnosis in Georgia. The doctor’s mistake did not only affect your loved one, but it has also significantly changed your life. Your loved one may be too sick, in too much pain, or too depressed to know what to do once the cancer misdiagnosis is discovered and may look to you for help. Despite your own emotions you, together with an experienced Atlanta cancer misdiagnosis attorney, may be able to help your loved one recover.

3 Ways You Can Make a Difference
You can’t change what happened, and you were not responsible for what happened. However, there are steps that you can take to change what happens next and to get your loved one the help that he or she needs. Specifically, you can:

  1. Find a new doctor.  A prompt second opinion that results in a proper diagnosis and a good treatment plan is essential to your loved one’s comfort and/or recovery.
  2. Find an experienced Atlanta cancer misdiagnosis lawyer. Your loved one may have the right to a legal recovery that can improve the quality of his or her life and provide funds for needed medical and personal care.
  3. Provide love and support. It may seem silly to you that we choose to mention this since it is something that you just naturally do, but it is important to provide extra attention and support to your loved one. Make sure that your loved one’s emotional needs are met, as you do his or her physical needs. You can help set the tone and provide encouragement for a difficult course of treatment or for the remainder of your loved one’s life.

How to Contact an Atlanta Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney for Help
These are just some of the general ways that you can help a loved one, and yourself, through a difficult time that should’ve never happened. Our Atlanta cancer malpractice lawyers want to help your loved one, you, and your family after a cancer misdiagnosis. Please contact us today at 1.770.518.1133 to learn more about how we might be able to help.

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