Medical studies continually change our understanding of specific diseases such as breast cancer. However, not all medical studies have the same potential impact. A recent study conducted by researchers in the United Kingdom and Canada could have a profound impact on the future of diagnosing breast cancer and its treatment.

Thus, it is important for women, and men, to understand the research breakthrough and to talk to their doctors about what it may mean for them now and in the future. It is also important for those in the Atlanta area to know how to contact an Atlanta breast cancer lawyer if a doctor’s misdiagnosis of breast cancer results in physical harm.

The Study Results
The study published in the April 2012 edition of the journal Nature found that not all breast cancers are the same. In fact, researchers found 10 different types of breast cancer. That discovery is significant not only from an academic perspective but also from a treatment and survival perspective.

As more Atlanta doctors are able to incorporate this information into their practices, accurate diagnoses may lead to more accurate treatment. The hope is that more women will receive more detailed diagnoses and individualized treatment plans that prevent them from suffering through harsher treatment than they might need.

How to Contact an Atlanta Breast Cancer Lawyer
Right now, we count on Atlanta doctors to diagnose breast cancer properly. In the future, it may become the norm that doctors diagnose a specific type of the 10 possible breast cancer diseases. As a patient you should expect that your doctor will act like a reasonable doctor in making your diagnosis.

If your doctor failed to exercise reasonable care and was negligent, then you may be entitled to compensation. Please contact an experienced Atlanta breast cancer attorney at 1.770.518.1133 for more information.

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