Bicycle riders are 10 times more likely to be killed in Georgia accidents than motor vehicle occupants.*  Injuries are also more common among bicyclists than motorists.  In order to prevent bicycle accident injuries and fatalities, it is important to understand why they are happening. 

The Who, What, Where, and Why of Georgia Bicycle Accident Injuries

The data collected and analyzed by the Georgia Department of Transportation provides bicyclists, motorists, and Atlanta bicycle accident lawyers with important information, such as:
  • Who is Getting Hurt in Georgia Bike Accidents.  6,797 bicyclists were involved in Georgia bicycle accidents from 2000 – 2006.  More than 80% of bicyclists involved in these crashes were male.  Approximately 20% of the bicyclists who were in crashes with motor vehicles were children aged 5 – 14, though thankfully children in this age group only accounted for approximately 6.5% of bicyclist accident injuries.
  • Where Georgia Bicycle Accidents Happen.   Bicycle accidents can happen anywhere in Georgia.  Approximately 60% of crashes from 2000 – 2006 occurred on city streets and the majority of fatalities occurred on state routes.
  • What Injuries Occur in Georgia Bike Crashes. From 2000 – 2006, 5,078 people were injured in bicycle crashes and 118 people died.  While the numbers fluctuated during this time, there was no clear trend downward.
  • Why Bicyclists are Hurt in Crashes.   Bicyclists may be hurt because of their own error or because of a negligent, drunk or distracted driver.  Georgia statistics indicate that only 12.2% of riders involved in crashes were wearing helmets at the time of their accident which could contribute to an increase in head or traumatic brain injuries.

Contact an Atlanta Bike Accident Lawyer for Help After a Crash

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*Source: Georgia Department of Transportation: Crash Analysis, Statistics, and Information January 2008