In the battle of the sexes driving often takes a prominent role. On the one hand, women often claim that men drive too fast and too aggressively and are, therefore, worse drivers than women. Conversely, men often claim that women are too distracted or lack the necessary reflexes to drive safely and are, therefore, worse drivers than men.

There is No Clear Winner in This Battle, but There is a Clear Loser

Despite the passionate arguments by both genders, it is difficult to stereotype people by gender and determine their driving abilities. What makes a driver dangerous depends on much more than the driver’s gender.

However, a driver’s gender may play an important role in which group is most likely to be injured in a car crash. A recent study published in the Journal of the American Public Health Association found that women are more likely to be injured in car accidents than men. The cause of the injuries was not necessarily because women were in more accidents than men, but rather because car safety features did not protect women as well as men. Specifically, researchers believe that women are more likely to be injured because of their smaller size.

Why You May Need an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney

A female driver who has been hurt in an Atlanta car crash may be entitled to damages if the crash was caused by someone else. A negligent driver is not immune from liability because he hit a woman who is more likely to be injured in a crash than a man.

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