There's nothing new about the excitement a teenager feels when getting a driver's license or about the fear of the teen's parents. What's new is the number of distractions, or dangers, facing young drivers. As an Alpharetta car crash lawyer, I've seen families devastated by the distractions of the 21st century, and I am committed to helping families avoid future distracted driving car accidents.

Study Explains Dangers to Teenage Drivers

A recent study published in the April 2011 Consumer Reports Magazine highlights why parents are concerned about their children's safety. The study found*:
  • 63% of drivers under age 30 admit to driving while using a handheld cell phone.
  • Only 30% of the survey respondents under age 30 view using a handheld cell phone while driving as dangerous, compared to 53% of drivers age 30 and over.
  • 76% of young drivers view texting and driving as dangerous, yet 33% of drivers under age 30 admit to texting and driving.

Teenagers provided specific feedback for their parents in the Consumer Reports study. When asked what could be done to reduce distracted driving accidents, many teens suggested that parents should teach them about the risks, establish clear rules, and impose stricter punishments if those rules are broken.

Call an Alpharetta Car Accident Attorney if Your Child Has Been Injured

Just a generation ago, texting, emailing and using the internet from the car was not possible. Cell phones were not omnipresent and smartphones did not yet exist. As a new generation learns to drive with these new distractions, accidents will occur, despite our best efforts to prevent them.

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*Source: What Teenagers Say, Consumer Reports Magazine, April 2011