Getting a driver’s license is an important part of gaining independence and a critical step toward adulthood for many Atlanta area teenagers. Most parents worry about a new driver’s safety since all children are at risk of serious injury, or death, in a car crash. However, parents of children with special needs may have additional worries. Will their child’s disability keep the child from driving safely or being able to get a driver’s license? What if their child is hurt in a car accident caused by someone else? Will an Alpharetta car crash attorney take the case and help?

Things to Consider When Your Child with Special Needs is Ready to Get a License
When it is your child’s turn to get ready for the licensing exam, it is important to consider:

  • The specialized instruction or accommodations that your child receives in school. You want to make sure that the driver’s education course your child takes is accessible so that your child can learn how to drive safely. You might want to find out if the driving school has worked with children with similar disabilities before and talk to other parents to find a good fit.
  • Whether any physical modifications are necessary for your child’s car. This may be especially important if your child has a physical disability.
  • Extra time with you in the car. The law may only require a certain number of supervised driving hours. However, those hours are considered to be the minimum necessary. As a parent of a child with or without a disability, you may require more hours and should not let your child drive unsupervised until you are confident in his or her ability to do so safely.

Many children with special needs are able to pass the licensing exam and to drive as safely as their peers. Since the consequences of a potential error are so very high, it is important that you help your child succeed and take any extra steps necessary to protect your son or daughter.
Contact an Alpharetta Car Crash Attorney Who Wants to Help if Your Child is Injured
When a teen driver is involved in an accident many people rush to judgment. Alpharetta car accident injuries are not always the fault of a teen driver. Sometimes, it is the teen driver, who may or may not have disabilities, who is the victim.

Accordingly, it is important to contact an experienced Alpharetta car crash lawyer as soon as possible if your child has been hurt in a wreck so that your child’s rights can be protected. You can reach an Alpharetta car accident lawyer via our online contact form or at 1.770.518.1133 today.

We also invite you to teach your child what to do, and what not to do, if an accident occurs. You can begin that discussion with our FREE book: If You’ve Been in a Wreck DON’T Do These Four Things.