You've been hurt in an Alpharetta car crash. You've suffered physical injuries, financial loss and emotional pain. Does it really matter what caused those injuries? After all, you know they happened!

The answer to your question is that, yes, understanding what caused your Alpharetta auto accident is critically important to your potential recovery. In order to recover damages in an accident case, your Alpharetta car crash lawyer must prove that someone else caused your injuries.

Once your lawyer has investigated the cause of your injuries, your lawyer will determine if have a valid cause of action for which you may be able to recover financial damages. For example, if another driver's negligence caused your injuries, then you may be able to recover against that driver or their insurance company. Likewise, if your car did not function properly, you may have a case against the car manufacturer or your mechanic.

In order to understand your potential recovery after an Alpharetta car wreck, please call an Alpharetta car accident attorney at 770.518.1133 to discuss the cause of your accident and your legal rights.