If you have been involved in a serious Alpharetta car accident, then you have been through a significant trauma. Many survivors of traumatic events experience what is known as survivor's guilt. While grateful to be alive, you wonder why you survived when others died, and you may feel guilty for it.

For car accident victims, there are often tangible reasons that explain why some people survive and others don't. For example, wearing a seat belt can greatly increase your chances of surviving a car wreck. Likewise, where the point of impact was during the collision can greatly affect who lives and who dies in an Alpharetta wreck.

If you survived the accident, then it is important to acknowledge how you feel, to know that you are lucky to have survived, and to seek professional help as a survivor of a traumatic event. Additionally, you may need medical help for your physical injuries and legal help to protect your potential rights to financial recovery for your injuries and losses.

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