Once lung cancer has been diagnosed and the stage has been determined by a pathologist, the next step is deciding which treatment options are right for you. Your doctor may recommend certain treatments, depending upon several factors from your specific case. However, doctors will often refer you to a specialist who is more familiar with the treatment of lung cancer.

Because many specialists have extensive experience treating lung cancer, they may be better able to pinpoint which treatment strategies will be most effective against your cancer. These specialists include:

• Thoracic (chest) surgeons
• Medical oncologists
• Radiation oncologists
• Thoracic surgical oncologists
• Pulmonologists (lung specialists)

If the disease has developed in a child, pediatric pulmonologists may be referred as they specialize in childhood lung care. If your doctor does not refer you to a specialist for treatment, you can ask to be referred to one. Do not hesitate to ask for a second opinion if you are uncomfortable with the care provided by your doctor or if you feel you have received bad medical care.