If you are involved in a truck accident, then there are two things that your Atlanta truck accident attorney will encourage you to do immediately.  The first is to get emergency medical care for you or anyone else involved in the accident, as needed.  Then, you should contact the police in order for them to complete an accident investigation report.

We also encourage you to contact one of our Atlanta truck accident lawyers either from the accident scene or as soon as you area physically able to do so.  Your lawyer can help take away some of the stress related to a truck accident by handling all communications with the insurance company and pursuing a settlement on your behalf during your physical recovery.

If you have been hurt in a Georgia truck accident, then we encourage you to take the steps discussed above and not to do the things we talk about in our free e-book 4 Common Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Georgia Car or Truck Claim.  Call us today at 770.518.1133, or fill out our online form for more information.