Our clients frequently ask, “What is my injury case worth?”

This is a reasonable and legitimate question. When someone is in an Atlanta auto or truck wreck, mounting medical bills and missed time from work present two immediate financial challenges. If the injuries are serious, these financial problems can be devastating.  

But determining medical expenses before knowing the extent of the injury and harm sustained—past, present, and future—is not possible or wise. Furthermore, we must evaluate the impact of time missed from work.  Ultimately, both medical bills and lost wages can be specifically defined, but it requires waiting until the full consequences of the injury can be determined.  

If you have sustained life-long injuries, expert witnesses such as life care planners and economists, can help quantify the harm one has suffered.  What cannot be specifically quantified is the impact the automotive crash has had on your life, what the law refers to as pain and suffering.  Pain and suffering, in our opinion, are the true losses one suffers.