Traumatic brain injuries (also abbreviated as TBI) are brain injuries that have resulted from an outside force applied to the brain tissue. Every object that is in motion possesses an impulse of force that it can transfer to other matters upon contact. In cases of traumatic brain injuries that transferred force was strong enough to be transferred inside the scull to damage the brain cells – either temporarily or permanently. - Concussion. Brain tissue is surrounded by a liquid cushion and several tissue layers. Even though there is no direct contact of brain with the bones of the scull, there can be relative motion of brain tissue relative to the scull. If that takes place, the brain tissue may become damaged by being hit against the scull bones. This type of injury is usually recoverable. - Amnesia. A temporary or sometimes prolonged loss of memory before or after the injury. One of natural body’s protective mechanisms against brain injuries. - Contusion. Usually results from a direct impact that has caused a bleed in the brain that need to be surgically treated. - Coma. A prolonged state of unresponsiveness that can last for years. It is believed to be another natural protective mechanism of the human body, however not yet fully understood. - If you or your loved one has experienced any of the above, do not hesitate to contact our office so we can help you obtain fair compensation. Call Dover Law today.