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Something flew off a truck and hit my car. Isn't it illegal to not secure loads properly in Georgia?

Yes, there are federal laws that require truck drivers to inspect their cargo loads to make sure their loads are loaded properly and secured safely. In fact, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's §392.9 rule says that a truck driver may not operate a commercial motor vehicle unless the cargo is properly distributed and adequately secured. Also, the tailgate, doors, spare tires, and other equipment must be secured.

This means that a truck driver does have to inspect his cargo and the securement of the cargo before driving his truck. The law also requires drivers to inspect the cargo again every three hours or 150 miles.

If truck drivers do not load their cargo safely or do not perform periodic inspections of the cargo, they may be held liable for Atlanta truck accidents and injuries.

If a truck's unsecured cargo caused your Atlanta auto accident, you may have rights to financial compensation from that negligent truck driver or trucking company. Call The Dover Law Firm today at 1.770.518.1133 to find out more about your rights to recovery.

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