First and foremost, we are so sorry to hear about your loss of your mother.

To answer your question, the improper administration of medication in a Georgia nursing home may be a type of medical malpractice, and it is important that you contact a Georgia medical malpractice lawyer to find out more about your rights.

If your mother’s death was caused by a medication error that resulted from the negligent or intentional actions of a doctor, nurse, or nursing home worker, then you may be entitled to damages for your loss. Damages may include compensation for medical expenses, funeral costs, out-of-pocket expenses and pain and suffering, for example.

An experienced Georgia medical malpractice attorney will investigate what happened in your mother’s case and advise you of your rights. Among other things, we will look into whether the doctor prescribing the drug knew, or should have known, about the other drugs your mother was taking and that the drugs when taken together could be fatal.

To find out more about Georgia nursing home negligence and medication errors we encourage you to read two of our FREE reports: Nursing Home Negligence and Medications: Prescriptions, Administration, & Other Common Errors.  
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