No, he is not. Even if you are young and have never smoked, you can still develop lung cancer, and you should be tested accordingly.

A study presented at the November 2010 American Association of Cancer Research’s annual conference suggests that lung cancer in smokers and lung cancer in nonsmokers may actually be two different diseases.  This discovery may prove critical for treatment, but it should also force doctors to recognize that nonsmokers can also develop this deadly disease and that a misdiagnosis of lung cancer can significantly impact their chances of survival.

One member of the Lung Cancer Foundation of America's scientific advisory board has said that nonsmokers tend to be take longer to diagnose with lung cancer because physicians don’t suspect that they have it.*  Moreover, lung cancer is the 7th most deadly type of cancer among people who have never smoked, according to the American Cancer Society.

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*Source: Businessweek, Lung Cancer in Smokers, Nonsmokers May Be a Different Disease, Jennifer Goodwin, November 9, 2010