Car accidents among older Georgians are a problem. According to a report recently released by TRIP, a national non-profit transportation research group, Georgia is 6th in the country when it comes to the number of fatal accidents that involve at least one driver age 65 or older. In 2010, there were 228 such fatalities in Georgia.

Given the significant number of fatal accidents and the even greater number of accidents resulting in injuries, you are right to be concerned about your parent and about other elderly drivers causing accidents.

People who are injured by an older driver in Georgia may contact a Marietta auto accident attorney for help.  An experienced Marietta car accident attorney can investigate the accident and fight hard to get fair damages for people who have been injured because of an older driver’s negligence.

If you, or your parent, have been hurt by an elderly driver, then we encourage you to contact a Marietta car accident lawyer today to discuss your rights and potential recovery. You can reach a Marietta accident attorney via our online contact form or by calling 1.770.518.1133 today.

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