As you know all too well a diagnosis of lung cancer at a late stage can be devastating. It is even more devastating when that diagnosis comes as a result of a lung cancer misdiagnosis.
Several things can be done to help prevent any potential misdiagnoses for your children. First, screening for lung cancer may become easier and more common. The Cleveland Clinic has developed a breath test that is currently 80% accurate in detecting lung cancer. It is a low cost, noninvasive test that can be done in a physician’s office and may be useful in the future.
Additionally, you can teach your children about the symptoms of lung cancer and about how to be effective advocates for their own medical care. Teach them to share their family medical history and to speak up if they think their doctor may fail to diagnose lung cancer.
Finally, teach your children what to do if a lung cancer misdiagnosis occurs. Let them know that a compassionate and experienced Atlanta malpractice attorney can help them recover. Share our FREE report: Lung Cancer: The Risks, the Signs, Diagnosis and Treatment with them and please tell them to contact an Atlanta malpractice lawyer at 1.770.518.1133 if they have any concerns about cancer malpractice now or in the future.