It may still be possible for you to recover your damages. A consent form does not release a physician from liability. Performing a medical procedure in a negligent fashion is still unacceptable. If it can be proven that your doctor has deviated from the set standards of medical care while caring for you and you were injured as a result, then you may recover. It may also be possible to claim that the performed procedure went beyond the given consent in where in rare cases the doctor might even become liable for battery. When you entrust your health to doctor’s hands you can expect the highest possible care just for you no matter what hospital you go to. If such has happened to you – call us immediately to see your options. The sooner you file for damages, the better chances for recovery you will have. Dover Law Firm is ready to help you with your medical malpractice case in Alpharetta, Georgia. Call us at (770)518-1133.