How do you know who to trust after a doctor’s failure to diagnose cancer? Which doctors should you hire? Which treatments should you consent to? What is going to happen to your job, to your house, to your kids, and to your life? Who will take care of you while you are sick? Who will understand what you are going through? Who will pay your bills?

These are just some of the questions often asked by people who have learned that their cancer was misdiagnosed. Finding answers to these questions, and the support that is right for you, may be very important as you pursue treatment and prepare yourself and your family for the future.

While your family and friends may help you and support you, our Atlanta cancer misdiagnosis lawyers understand that you don’t want to burden them any more than is necessary. Accordingly, you might consider finding additional guidance and support from a local cancer treatment center, cancer patient support group, hospital, and Atlanta cancer misdiagnosis attorney.

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