On January 1, 2007 Joshua's Law went into effect in Georgia. Joshua's Law makes it mandatory for drivers who are 16 years of age to complete a driver education course approved by the Department of Driver Services in order to get an intermediate license. The requirement applies only to 16-year-old drivers. Beginning at age 17, driver education is no longer mandatory in Georgia, though older teens can certainly take advantage of driver education programs.

Of course, while state law only mandates driver's education for 16-year-olds applying for intermediate or Class D licenses, you, as the parent of a minor, may require it for your 17-year-old as well. Recent research indicates that teenagers who simply put off getting their licenses until they are older, in order to avoid the stringent licensing requirements at age 16, may simply be shifting their risk of injury or death. Education and good driving habits are critical to a teenager's car safety.

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