It is helpful to get a copy of the Marietta Police Department accident report after you are involved in a crash. Generally, there are four ways to get a copy of the report. First, you may visit the police station in person and request a copy. There is currently no charge for the first copy requested by a victim or witness to a crash. Second, you may request the report in writing. Third, you may request the report online. To do so, you will need the driver's license state and number and first and last name of one of the drivers, as well as the date of the accident and accident number. Finally, your Marietta truck lawyer may request the accident report.

For more information about why you need the accident report and what it may mean for your potential case and recovery, please call a Marietta truck attorney today at 1.770.518.1133, or fill out the online form on this website. Your lawyer will evaluate your case and work to get you the recovery that you deserve.