The report a doctor will give to the insurance company will have large impact upon the benefits you will be entitled to. Remember that a doctor who is paid for by your employer’s insurance company is not your best friend. Keep in mind that there may be a possibility that an assigned doctor may be somewhat motivated to minimize the seriousness of your injury or at times even identify your condition as pre-existing just to get future business from your employer. For instance, if your doctor questions whether you have had back problems before – only mention serious problems that you were diagnosed with officially. Every now and then most of us had back pain which had disappeared in a day or two. When you are facing problems of such nature or believe that the medical examination conducted by your employer’s doctor has yielded a conclusion that is not fair – contact Dover Law. You deserve that your injuries get compensated in full. Entrust your goals to us and we will not disappoint you, because we have all the strength to take your case to an end. Even if we have to take your case to trial, we will not stop. Call us today at (770)518-1133.