Once an abnormality has been discovered by any of the detection methods available today, such as physical exams, chest x-rays, or CT scans, further testing and diagnosis are typically the next steps. The abnormality, whether a suspicious lump or fluid in the chest and lungs, needs further testing by a pathologist to see if any cancerous cells are present. Typically, your doctor will recommend further testing to ensure the earliest detection possible if lung cancer is developing.

However, there are times when doctors may misdiagnose lung cancer symptoms as being caused by some other benign condition of the body. It is entirely possible that a doctor may notice a small abnormality and then fail to order the appropriate diagnostic tests. If you notice any symptoms which may indicate lung cancer, bring them to your doctor’s attention immediately. If an abnormality is detected, be sure to discuss the available diagnostic tests with your doctor to find the appropriate method for officially diagnosing the cancer, if it is actually present.

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