Last month, a truck from Mexico legally entered the United States for the first time, pursuant to a new agreement between the United States and Mexico. For more than a decade such an agreement has been lacking.

Why the Delay in a Mexico United States Trucking Agreement?

The Mexico United States trucking agreement took a long time for a variety of reasons. There were financial concerns, such as unfair competition and the impact on the United States job market, for example.

There were also safety concerns. Some politicians and trucking experts were concerned that Mexican trucks would not be as well maintained as U.S. trucks, that Mexican truck drivers would not be as qualified as U.S. drivers, and that Mexican trucks would be subject to fewer safety regulations. Those concerned about the safety of Mexican trucks on U.S. roads argued that all of these things could lead to more trucking accidents on U.S. roads.

What Happens if You are Hurt in an Atlanta Trucking Accident with a Truck Registered in Mexico?

If you have been hurt in an Atlanta truck wreck, it is important to contact an Atlanta truck accident attorney as soon as possible after your crash. An experienced Atlanta trucking accident law firm will fight for your just recovery of damages, even if the truck was registered in Mexico.

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