Understanding what to do when you are in a Georgia car accident with your child is important to your child’s physical and emotional health, as well as to your financial recoveries.

Physical Recovery

The most immediate concern should be for the physical safety of your child, you, and anyone else involved in the crash.  If your child or anyone else appears to be hurt, first call 911.  Do not attempt to move your child from his or her car safety seat until after the paramedics arrive and assess the situation.  Even if you do not detect any apparent injuries, it is important to bring the child to the pediatrician for an examination just to be sure there is no internal bleeding or undetected brain injury.

Emotional Recovery

Car accidents are scary and children may suffer significantly from the scare long after the accident is over.   Memories of the accident may interfere with their sleep or everyday activities.  As a parent, you know how best to help your child through this difficult time.  Your pediatrician can also make recommendations about how to ease your child’s fears. In some cases, help from a child psychologist or counselor should be sought.

Financial Recovery

It is important that all physical injuries and emotional suffering be documented so that you can consult an experienced Atlanta car accident attorney about your child’s financial recovery.  The Atlanta and Alpharetta injury lawyers of The Dover Law Firm want to help you get the recovery that your child deserves.  Please contact us today at 770.518.1133 or via our online contact form for more information.
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