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There are many tests medical professionals use to help diagnose lung cancer, from standard chest x-rays to complex mediastinoscopies. 

However, a much simpler test that many Americans regularly undergo can be helpful in identifying possible indicators of lung cancer – physical exams. Your doctor should physically examine the body during one of these tests, checking for a wide range of problems you may have. Some of those signs, if properly recognized, should lead your doctor to consider the possibility of lung cancer.

According to the National Cancer Institute, some of the signs a doctor should recognize during a physical exam include:

• Swollen lymph nodes above the collarbone
• A mass in the abdomen
• Abnormal sounds in the lungs
• Weak breathing
• Expanded veins in the arms, chest, and neck areas
• Dullness when the chest is tapped
• Rounding of the fingernails
• Unequal pupils
• Droopy eyelids
• Weakness in one or both arms
• Swelling of the face

Any of these signs may help lead to a lung cancer diagnosis, if your doctor recognizes them on time. Other signs which can suggest lung cancer is a possibility include high blood levels of certain hormones, calcium, and other bodily substances. Should your doctor detect any of the above signs, further testing will most likely be necessary to properly diagnose lung and bronchus cancer.

If your doctor or medical professional failed to diagnose your lung cancer in a timely fashion, you may wish to contact an experienced Atlanta medical malpractice and lung cancer attorney at the Dover Law Firm at 770-518-1133 to discuss any legal options you may have. The Dover Law Firm also has several free information resources on cancer available to you, including our book, I Have Cancer…Should It Have Been Caught Earlier?, and our special report, Lung Cancer: The Risks, the Signs, Diagnosis and Treatment.
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