There is no doubt that the misdiagnosis of brain cancer can be devastating, and deadly, if it prevents you from getting the treatment that you need. But, what happens if you get treatment that you don’t need?

What happens if you go through chemotherapy or radiation unnecessarily?  What happens if a benign tumor that could be surgically removed is instead treated with these aggressive therapies? 

Chemotherapy can have long term effects on the heart, kidneys and other organs that continue long after treatment has been stopped.  Radiation can also cause significant problems including making the patient more susceptible to infection and actually causing cancer.

If you have cancer, then chemotherapy and radiation are powerful tools to help you combat your condition. You and your medical team may have made this educated decision that the potential benefits of treatment outweigh the side effects.  However, if you didn’t actually have a condition that would respond to chemotherapy or radiation, then you may have suffered the medical side effects of treatment for your misdiagnosed brain cancer for nothing.

For more information about your rights to recovery if you have suffered significant damages because of unnecessary treatment related to the failure to diagnose brain cancer, please contact an Atlanta medical malpractice lawyer at 770.518.1133 or via our online contact form and read our free ebook  I Have Cancer Should It Have Been Caught Earlier?
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