We know that you have a lot to consider when you decide which attorney is going to represent you after your Decatur car accident. As you consider a lawyer's education, experience, past successes and style, we encourage you to also consider your lawyer's location.

We believe that hiring a local Decatur auto accident attorney provides you with several benefits. For example,
  • A Decatur Auto Accident Lawyer Understands Where Your Crash Occurred. While any lawyer can look at pictures or visit the site, a local lawyer is more likely to truly understand traffic patterns and other details that may be important to your recovery.
  • A Local Attorney Knows Local Doctors. Our clients use a variety of doctors and through our experience we know which doctors treat which injuries well, write reports that insurance companies understand, and testify at trial effectively.
  • A Decatur Car Accident Attorney Knows Common Insurance Company Tricks Related to Decatur Accidents. Our experience representing people who have been hurt in the city of Decatur allows us to understand common insurance company defenses and to protect your interests.

For these reasons, we believe that there is a benefit to hiring a local lawyer, and we encourage you to call a Decatur car accident lawyer at 770.518.1133 if you've been hurt in a local crash.
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