Each type of car accident can have its own distinct risks of injury. Here are a few of the highlighted risks associated with side impact collisions as they affect each part of your body:

Head Injuries

In a side impact collision, one of the primary sources of injury is whiplash that can cause a driver’s or passenger’s head to collide with their window, leading to concussion, skull fracture, or brain injury, as well as fractures to the jawbone and eye socket areas.

Torso Injuries

Often the greatest chance of injury in car accidents comes from seemingly innocuous parts of one’s own vehicle. The threat of components such as an armrest or center glove console can be amplified when a collision and resulting whiplash are perpendicular to the direction of the car, causing rib fractures and critical injuries to the diaphragm and organs

Limb Injuries

The lateral compression of an automobile can cause impact to inhabitants’ arms and legs. An intruding door can cause damage to the hips, pubic bone, tibia, arms and hands, resulting in fractures or lasting nerve damage that can leave patients debilitated or in considerable pain.

What to Do When You Are Injured

If you are injured in an accident, your interests will be best represented by a firm that not only understands the law, but medical terminology, conditions, and procedures as well. To provide for your representation, contact Dover so that we can begin the process of getting you back on the road to recovery.


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