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The staging of breast cancer is vitally important after a diagnosis, because each stage has a different array of treatment options. Therefore, once the extent of the cancer is known, the treatment process can get underway. Even though there are treatment options available for all stages of cancer, it is typical that a diagnosis of a higher stage of breast cancer will correspond with a lower five-year survival rate.

Here is a breakdown of five-year relative survival rates for each breast cancer stage, according to the American Cancer Society:

• Stage 0 = 93%
• Stage I = 88%
• Stage IIA = 81%
• Stage IIB = 74%
• Stage IIIA = 67%
• Stage IIIB = 41%
• Stage IIIC = 49%
• Stage IV = 15%

As the percentages show, a more advanced stage of breast cancer usually means survival will be much more difficult than cancer at lower stages. This is one of the reasons why a cancer misdiagnosis or delayed detection can ultimately be life-threatening. The later a cancer is diagnosed, the more time the disease has had to spread not only to surrounding tissues and organs, but also to distant parts of the body.

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