It seems as if we hear about a bicycle accident in metro Atlanta almost every week. What we don't hear enough about is how bicyclists can try to avoid these Atlanta accidents. Most car-bicycle collisions are not the fault of the cyclist; however, bicyclists have the most to lose and need to be proactive in order to avoid serious crashes and injuries.

How Georgia Cyclists Can Avoid Bicycle Accidents in Atlanta

  • Bicyclists can do a lot to protect themselves, including:
  • Wearing reflective gear
  • Putting high density lights on the bike
  • Getting a mirror
  • Using a bell 
  • Learning hand signals to gesture intentions

Here are some things a bicyclist should NOT do when riding a bike:

  • Do not listen to an iPod or have headphones on
  • Do not ride against traffic
  • Do not ride in a car's blind spot
  • Do not weave in and out of parked cars
  • Do not cut through parking lots

Although these proactive tips may not save everyone, they can help reduce the number of Atlanta bicycle crashes. Unfortunately, even the safest bicycle rider can still become a victim of a negligent driver running a red light, driving drunk, or texting while driving.

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