When you hear about a "rear-end truck accident" you may automatically assume that the truck rear-ended the car it was following. Yes, it does seem more common that trucks would rear-end other vehicles due to the fact that they are less maneuverable, have a heavier weight, and a slower stopping time; however, trucks also are struck by passenger vehicles, which occurs more often than most people think.

In fact, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is looking into technologies that may help reduce the number of rear-end truck accidents in Georgia and throughout the nation. This technology will incorporate lights that will warn motorists that are approaching tractor trailers of their risks for a crash.

Authorities are currently working on different light configurations that will be placed on the back bumpers of 18-wheeler trucks. One configuration involves two sets of LED lights placed on each rear bumper, and will be activated when a car gets too close to the back of the truck. This technology will alert drivers who are following too closely to slow down. This radar system is being tested still, but it will most likely be placed on fleet vehicles within the year.

How Will This Technology Help Reduce Atlanta Rear-End Truck Accident Injuries?

Most cars weigh about 4,000 pounds, and a typical loaded semi truck weighs approximately 80,000 pounds. When a car strikes something this heavy, the car generally does not move the truck, but rather absorbs the impact. This is why motorists in the smaller cars are the ones who typically suffer serious injuries or fatalities as a result of these types of crashes. This technology may prevent some accidents by warning drivers they are approaching trucks too closely.

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