A critical mistake we often see accident victims make is that they don't follow their doctor’s advice and treatment plan for their injuries. 

The bottom line is that you can destroy your case by not following your doctor’s recommended treatment plan.   Granted, there may come a time when you need to see a new doctor or change physicians, but that is no excuse for not sticking to your treatment plan until you are told otherwise. 

At the Dover Law Firm, we have seen cases where injured people have stopped seeing their doctor for two or three months, and then they return. They don’t realize they could be destroying their case.  Not following doctors’ orders is something insurance companies can latch onto when it comes to paying for injuries: 

Well, the injured party must not really be that injured if they did not follow their doctor’s orders.”  

During negotiations, depositions, and during the trial of an injury case an insurance company will continually point to gaps in treatment or failing to follow a doctor’s recommendation.  They’ll argue time and time again, that if the plaintiff did not follow his doctor’s instructions, then he must not be hurt.  You must follow your doctor’s instructions.

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