It seems as if almost everyone uses Facebook, Twitter, or some sort of social networking site these days. Although social networking sites are great for connecting millions of users and allowing us to update our friends and families on our lives, they can also be dangerous.

Social networking sites could possibly damage your Alpharetta personal injury case. In fact, one post could actually be enough to wreck your auto accident case. So after your Alpharetta car crash, think twice before posting a comment or picture on Facebook, Twitter, My Space, LinkedIn, or any other site.

What if you are pursuing a claim against a driver for injuries that resulted in an Alpharetta rear-end accident, and pictures surfaced on a social networking site showing you at a party looking uninjured?

These photographs could damage your case and potential recovery. Courts can request these posts and photographs from social networking sites, and anything you upload on these sites could give the other side evidence to use against you.

Do not harm yourself and your potential recovery. Think twice before sharing posts and photos on social networking sites with your friends and family after your Georgia crash.

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