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Nobody wants to consider a cancer diagnosis for a teen. A study recently conducted by Teenage Cancer Trust in the United Kingdom found that doctors may, unfortunately, be among those who do not want to consider a cancer diagnosis and, as a result, a significant portion of teens suffer from the misdiagnosis of cancer. Learn how you, and your child’s school, may help your teen prevent a cancer misdiagnosis and how an Atlanta cancer misdiagnosis attorney may be able to help your child if a misdiagnosis does occur.

Educating Teens May Be the Answer
Some doctors believe that educating teens about the common symptoms of cancer can make teens more confident in questioning their doctors and pursuing the right diagnosis. Specifically, teens should be taught about the most common cancer symptoms including:

  • Feeling a bump or lump
  • Unexplained pain
  • Significant weight loss without trying
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Changes in the appearance of a mole

The majority of students talked to in this study indicated that they wished they had learned about cancer and its symptoms at school. Atlanta area students may similarly benefit from cancer education at school so that they could learn the symptoms of this dangerous disease and have the knowledge and confidence necessary to speak with their doctors.

Contact an Atlanta Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney if Your Teen has Been Harmed by a Failure to Diagnose Cancer
You can call 1.770.518.1133 today to speak with an experienced and empathetic Atlanta cancer misdiagnosis lawyer about what happened to your child. The lawyers at our Atlanta cancer misdiagnosis law firm also encourage you to learn more in our FREE book:  Cancer: Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Problems.
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