Every Atlanta trucking accident deserves an investigation. Yet, the circumstances of the accident, the size of the truck, and other factors make each Atlanta truck accident investigation unique. A well designed investigation that gets to the truth of why the accident occurred may be essential to your recovery.

5 Questions to Ask if You've Been in an Oversize Truck Accident

If you've been hurt in an accident with an oversize truck, then it will be important for the Atlanta truck accident attorney conducting the investigation on your behalf to ask questions, such as:
  • Did the truck have the proper permit?
  • Did the truck comply with all applicable regulations for oversize vehicles?
  • Does the truck have the appropriate number of axils for the weight of the truck load?
  • Did the truck have an escort, if required?
  • Did the truck have appropriate signs warning other motorists that it was oversized?

How an Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help You Get Answers to Your Questions

Without the help of an experienced Atlanta accident attorney, it can be difficult to get the answers to important questions, such as the ones above. Without the answers to your questions, it can be difficult to make a strong case for your fair and equitable recovery.

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