Unfortunately, nurses who get hurt at work are not treated by their employers and insurance companies with the same respect that they show to others who have been injured.  We believe that nurses deserve better care when they are hurt at work.  They deserve the time off of work with Georgia workers compensation benefits that they need to make full recoveries in order to do their jobs effectively.

Each Atlanta workers compensation lawyer in our firm is committed to helping nurses who have been hurt recover workers compensation benefits.  To that end, we help our clients by handling all of the workers compensation paperwork and negotiating appropriate settlements.  The workers compensation process can be overwhelming, and it can be difficult to know who to trust.  It is, therefore, imperative to have an experienced lawyer representing your interests and making sure that you get the recovery that you deserve.

We want Georgia nurses to recover from their workplace injuries without the added stress of financial worries and job insecurity.  Contact the Georgia nurses worker compensation attorneys of The Dover Law Firm at 1.770.518.1133 or via our online contact form for more information if you are a nurse who has been hurt. 
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