If you own a Blackberry, then last month's blackberry outage was undeniably frustrating. Blackberry users around the world found themselves unable to text due to the outage. For some it was a minor inconvenience, and for others it interfered with their business operations and may have even cost them money. There were few, if any, reports of Blackberry users who were actually happy about the interruption in service.

But Could There Have Been an Upside to the Blackberry Outage?

Our Atlanta car crash lawyers read some reports about the outage with interest. For example, NPR reported that traffic accidents in Dubai fell by about 20% and accidents in Abu Dhabi fell a staggering 40% during the Blackberry outage. Authorities claim that the Blackberry outage made roads safer. The Blackberry outage certainly wasn't planned for this purpose, but it does provide interesting data for the fight against distracted driving here at home.

Contact an Experienced Atlanta Car Accident Attorney if You've Been Hurt in a Texting Accident

While it is against the law to text and drive in Georgia, it still happens, and we can't rely on future cell phone outages to prevent Atlanta distracted driving accidents. Accordingly, it is important to contact Atlanta car accident lawyers if you've been hurt in a texting and driving crash.

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