Last month a new study was released that found texting and driving may be even more dangerous than previously thought. The findings of a recent Texas Transportation Institute study may surprise you and may alarm you, as it did our Atlanta car accident lawyers.

What You Should Know About the Study Results

According to the research done by the Texas Transportation Institute:
  • Writing or even reading a text message can more than double a driver's response time.
  • There is very little difference in response time between composing a text message and reading one.
  • A driver who is not texting and driving has a response time of 1-2 seconds, and a driver who is texting and driving has a response time of 3-4 seconds.

Researchers say that this is the first texting and driving study to be completed in real vehicles rather than simulators. Research was gathered on a test track to prevent serious accident injuries.

What You Can Do if You've Been Hurt in an Atlanta Distracted Driving Accident

Unfortunately, most people who text and drive in Atlanta are not on test tracks. They are on city roads, suburban streets and highways. They are traveling in front of you, next to you and behind you. They are causing serious Atlanta car accident injuries and fatalities.

If you have been hurt by a distracted driver, please contact an experienced Atlanta auto accident attorney today at 1.770.518.1133. We also encourage you to read our FREE book: 4 Common Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Georgia Car or Truck Claim to learn more about your rights.
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