All it takes is one poor maneuver on the part of a trucker to cause a serious Marietta truck accident. Although sometimes drivers of smaller cars can be responsible for cutting truckers off or driving in their blind spots, truck drivers are more often to blame for truck accidents and injuries than other motorists on the road.

However, truck drivers are not the only ones that may be liable for a truck crash and injuries. There are many possible parties that could be held responsible for someone's serious or fatal injuries. These other parties include the trucking company, cargo loaders, shippers, and manufacturers.

For example, the trucker may be taking prescription medications that cause complications while operating a truck. If the truck driver overdosed on purpose, he is responsible. However, if there are side effects of the drug that the drug company did not warn doctors or consumers about, then the drug company may be liable.

Another instance in which someone besides the truck driver may be liable for a truck wreck is when a loader or dock worker did not load the truck correctly. When this happens, cargo can shift and cause the center of gravity in the truck to move and lead to a Marietta truck crash.

Although the truck driver is behind the wheel at the time of the collision, there may be other parties behind the scenes responsible for the accident and injuries. Determining liability in a truck accident can be complex and should be handled by an attorney experienced in truck accident cases.

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