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“Just Sign Here…”.  Another Typical Insurance Company Tactic.

Unfortunately, this is something we see and hear all too frequently at the Dover Law Firm from insurance companies:

After a car wreck, the at-fault driver’s insurance companies, whose representatives sound very friendly and helpful, may say to you, “Just sign here, and we will take care of everything.”

Don't be fooled.

Never sign anything from the other party’s insurance company, ever, without seeking legal counsel. Once you sign forms, such as medical authorizations, wage information releases, or full releases, you have given the insurance company access to everything that they want to use against you.

If you sign a medical release, they will attempt to get medical records from every doctor you have ever seen. I saw a case in which the client’s back was injured and the insurance company was trying to get her OB/GYN records. What relevance could those records have to the case?

The insurance company might also want you to sign a wage/employer release giving them access to your employee file for every place you worked. Do not give them the chance. What they are doing is fishing for any information they might possibly use against you.

If you have suffered injuries in a Georgia car wreck, consult with an experienced auto accident attorney to make sure your rights are protected.

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