It sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? How can your employer take actions that will keep you safe, help the environment, and improve productivity and thereby the employer's profitability? More importantly, why isn't your employer already doing these things?

While employers and employees may be hesitant to make changes, it is important for businesses to consider:
  • Encouraging Carpooling
  • Promoting Mass Transit
  • Allowing Employees to Telecommute

A business that enacts one or more of these polices may see benefits such as:
  • Increased productivity. According to a study done by the Texas Transportation Institute last year, traffic congestion costs metro Atlanta employers approximately $2.7 billion annually in lost productivity. Thus, efforts to decrease these costs should not be taken lightly. Employees who telecommute, carpool or use mass transit may arrive at work more relaxed, less stressed out from their commutes, and ready to get to work. Additionally, they may be on time more often and less likely to miss work.
  • Decreased pollution. Fewer vehicles on the road may lead to less pollution in the Atlanta Alpharetta area.
  • Decreased employee accidents. This, most importantly, protects employees from the painful consequences of Alpharetta car accidents, but it also helps the company because employees will be taking less time off from work because of accident injuries.

Of course, not all employers are on board with these policies yet. If you have been hurt in an accident while commuting to work, then you should consult with an Alpharetta car crash lawyer to discuss your legal rights and potential recovery. Please call 1.770.518.1133 to learn more.

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