Recently, we discussed the results of a government survey that found a dangerous disconnect between people's knowledge of the dangers of distracted driving and their personal behavior. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study found that the vast majority of people surveyed thought texting, emailing, and talking on the phone while driving was dangerous. Yet many people did it anyway.

Results of New AAA Distracted Driving Study

A new AAA survey shows similar results. According to the survey results, almost 90% of Americans want state laws to ban texting and driving. Yet more than 33% of people admit to texting and driving.

Perhaps what these new surveys are showing us is that the messages about the dangers of distracted driving are getting through to Americans, and that almost everyone recognizes the danger. Now, it may be time to take public awareness, state laws, and other enforcement actions to the next level and convince individuals that they have to change their behavior in order to stay safe.

You and your Atlanta auto accident attorney can help initiate change.

If you have been hurt in an Atlanta distracted driving accident, then you may have the right to bring a lawsuit and to hold the person who hurt you accountable. Your Atlanta car accident lawyer will zealously advocate for your fair recovery and in the process hold the other driver accountable.

As drivers get the message that they will be held accountable for distracted driving accident injuries, perhaps behavior will start to change.

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