We all have days when we are more tired than others. Often, we still go to work on those days. While we may be less productive and even make a few expensive mistakes, few of our errors are fatal. Truck drivers do not have the same luxury. Tired truck drivers may cause accidents that cost innocent people their lives.

The best way to avoid serious injuries and fatalities caused by fatigued truck drivers is to prevent tired truckers from getting behind the wheel in the first place. There are many ways to do that. For example, the U.S. Department of Transportation has regulations limiting the number of consecutive hours a truck driver can work by requiring a certain number of off duty hours. Trucking companies may also have company regulations that encourage tired truckers not to get behind the wheel.

While these regulations can prevent accidents, those who have been injured or who have lost a loved one in an Atlanta truck crash may be in the strongest position to prevent future accidents. It is the injured and those who have lost loved ones who have the legal right to file a Georgia truck accident case. It is you who has the power to hold the tired truck driver accountable for his or her actions. You, together with your Atlanta car accident lawyers, can file a lawsuit and potentially recover damages for your injuries.

The more people who do this, the more the trucking industry will get the message: It doesn't pay to let tired truckers drive.

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