Many drivers become anxious while traveling near large trucks, but the experience can become terrifying when an 18 wheeler is operating erratically.  While you can do little to change the immediate behavior of the driver, there are steps that you can take to stay safe and hopefully avoid a Georgia truck accident.

Our Atlanta truck accident attorneys recommend that you act in the following manner:
  • Keep a Safe Distance From the Truck.  If necessary, pull over and give the truck and a good head start.  Avoiding an accident is worth adding a few minutes to your trip.
  • Contact the Local Police.  If a truck driver is driving erratically, call your local police and let them know the license plate number and the direction in which the truck is headed.  If the police observe similar behavior, they may be able to pull over the truck driver and prevent a crash.
  • Contact the Company. You may also contact the trucking company or the company represented on the truck, if any.  Both businesses may want to know that the driver is operating the vehicle in a dangerous way and not representing the businesses in a positive manner.

Sometimes these steps will be enough to prevent an accident, but not always.  Preventing a serious Atlanta area truck accident is not always within your control.  Thus, our Atlanta big rig accident lawyers also recommend that you contact us if you’ve been hurt.  An experienced and compassionate Atlanta truck accident lawyer will help you understand your rights and pursue your potential recovery.  Call us today at 770.518.1133 or via our online contact form for more information.
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