Marietta gas prices hovered around $3.50 over the July 4th holiday weekend. While down from historic highs, $3.50 a gallon was still high enough to prevent many people from taking the long road trips typically associated with a summer holiday weekend. Local travel may have saved people gas money, but did it prevent them from experiencing dangerous car crashes close to home?

Most Accidents Occur Close to Home

Just under a decade ago, Progressive Insurance conducted a study that found the majority of accidents occur close to home. At that time, 52% of accidents occurred within five miles of home, and 77% of accidents occurred within 15 miles of home.

In 2002, a gallon of regular gas cost approximately $1.30 over the July 4th holiday,* and cell phones and other driving distractions were not yet ubiquitous. Thus, it seems unlikely that the risk has decreased for accidents occurring closer to home.

Now More Than Ever - Don't Let Your Guard Down

Given the realities of driving in 2011, it is more important than ever that you take precautions to prevent Marietta crash injuries that occur close to your home. For example, simply putting down your cell phone and refusing to text and drive can decrease your risk of being in a serious accident. You can also protect yourself from injury by always wearing a seat belt, even on trips of no more than a few miles.

Finally, you can protect yourself by contacting an experienced Marietta auto attorney if you have been hurt in a local crash. Call 1.770.518.1133 today for a free consultation.

*Source: U.S. Retail Gasoline Historical Prices
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