Was the delay in your cancer diagnosis the result of cancer malpractice or was it simply bad luck? Is it worth your time to pursue damages, or should you put all of your effort into your physical and emotional recoveries?

Before you make any important decisions, you need to get the facts.

Here’s how you may be able to learn more about whether a doctor’s failure to diagnose cancer was malpractice or whether it was an unfortunate incident that did not rise to the level of malpractice.

First, download a copy of Cancer: Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment Errors. This book, which is available on our website free of charge, may answer many of your important questions and provide you with the knowledge necessary to ask more questions.

Next, get a second opinion. If you are concerned about a doctor’s diagnosis or whether a doctor was thorough enough in his exam or testing, then it is important to seek another medical opinion from an independent doctor unaffiliated with the first doctor.

Then, consult with an experienced Atlanta medical malpractice lawyer. An Atlanta cancer malpractice attorney knows how to investigate cases to determine if a delay in diagnosis was the result of cancer malpractice, or not.

If your lawyer believes that your cancer misdiagnosis was the result of malpractice, then he will fight hard for your full and just legal recovery. For more information, and to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Atlanta cancer malpractice lawyer, please call 1.770.518.1133 today.

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