It isn't just bones that can be broken and muscles that can be injured in an Alpharetta car crash. Nerves, such as the optic nerve, can also be seriously injured. When the optic nerve is shaken, swells and becomes inflamed and an injury results it is known as traumatic optic nerve damage. Traumatic optic nerve damage can result in vision loss or blindness. If you suffer from traumatic optic nerve damage after an accident, then it is important to know your treatment options and how to contact an Alpharetta car crash attorney.

Researchers from Georgia Health Sciences University Are Fighting Back

Researchers in the Georgia Health Sciences University Department of Ophthalmology are working to enhance the body's natural self defense mechanisms so that the nerve becomes less inflamed*. Currently, researchers are experimenting with injecting A2AAR-selective agonists in mice to prevent vision loss.

How to Contact an Alpharetta Car Crash Lawyer

While the optic nerve research being done in Georgia is encouraging, it is not yet standard treatment and vision loss or blindness from optic nerve damage remains a risk.

If you have suffered an eye injury in a Georgia car wreck, then it is important to contact an Alpharetta car accident attorney at 770.518.1133 for a free consultation. Our experienced Alpharetta car accident lawyers will work hard to help you get the recovery that you deserve for your injuries.

*Source: Toni Baker, Better Treatment Sought for Blinding Traumatic Optic Nerve Damage, Georgia Health Sciences University News and Information, April 6, 2011
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