If you have suffered a head injury in a Georgia car crash, there are several symptoms that your Atlanta car accident attorney wants you to be aware of to protect your health.  These symptoms may suggest that the blow to your head or whiplash you suffered in an accident were actually more serious and resulted in a traumatic brain injury.

Specifically, you should seek prompt medical attention if you:
  • were unconscious for any amount of time
  • are having difficulty concentrating, remembering things, processing information or are easily distracted
  • are having problems speaking, understanding words, reading or writing
  • are having difficulty moving any part of your body or sensing outside stimuli such as temperature
  • have any change in vision, hearing, smell or taste
  • have any pain
  • experience seizures
  • have any loss of control over your bladder or bowel or changes in your ability to sleep or eat

After you seek medical attention, you should contact an experienced Atlanta auto accident attorney at the Dover Law Firm for a free consultation.  Our experienced attorneys want to help you recover from your serious injuries.

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